Here today – gone tomorrow!  Skin Needling reduces the appearance of stretch marks.


It's a non-invasive clinical treatment that uses microscopic needles to penetrate the skin within the epidermis and dermis. 


This process creates micro channels that will stimulate and normalise various skin functions.  Skin needling is also know as (C.I.T) Collagen Induction Therapy which allows the skin to regrow and repair from the micro damage through the wound healing response.

What are benefits of Stretch Mark Reduction?

  • Reduces and eliminates scaring

  • Reduces the visibility of stretch marks

  • Provides a more natural and gradual improvement 

  • Reduces overall redness in stretch marks

  • A fast, safe and non-invasive treatment

How does it work?

Clinical Skin Needling is an alternative option to fractional laser resurfacing that works by lightly puncturing the skin with tiny medical needles through a motorised head.


Stretch Mark Reduction